legal concerns every blogger should know about

Written by Lexi Holzberg Kritzer, Esq. of Glitter, Inc., and The B Bar

Copyright, fair use, intellectual property … any of this ringing a bell? Maybe you haven’t even thought about the legal issues that might come up as a blogger. That’s why we whipped up this easy-to-understand cocktail to help explain what you need to know.

Bottom line: As a blogger, you are the rightful owner of the original content you publish. This includes your written words, collages, designs, and photographs. As the owner, you have the right to control how your content is used, where it is used, and who uses it. And, you also have legal obligations when using or referencing material that originated elsewhere. These obligations include referencing copyright, fair use, properly citing and crediting the original source, and avoiding plagiarism. Your ability to balance your inherent creativity and first amendment rights with your legal obligations can make the difference between your success and a non-favorable outcome.

Who it’s for

Any and all bloggers who are interested in learning more about the legal issues that can arise through blogging. This can include things like using other artists’ photographs, protecting your own original content (think photos, graphics, etc.), disclosing gifted items according to the law, how to handle cases of plagiarism and defamation, and so much more.

What it covers

+ Privacy & Publicity Rights
+ Plagiarism
+ Defamation: Libel & Slander
+ Copyright + Fair Use
+ Using and Crediting Images, Finding Original Sources for Photos
+ Sponsored Content, Disclosures, and Blogger Transparency
+ Gifted Items
+ Social Media Transparency
+ Privacy Policy



Other Specs

15 page PDF; 643 KB

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