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Once you’ve started a blog, you want to tell people about it. There are plenty of ways to spread the word online, but what about when you’re meeting new people or run into a brand rep somewhere? Surprise, surprise: you need business cards! Today I wanted to share a few resources for getting business cards printed for your blog, and also chat about how you can make your card stand out.


If you’re a new blogger who’s still using a basic template or hasn’t done a ton of customization to your site yet, ordering a simple, clean, pre-designed business card can be an easy and affordable way to go. The investment is minimal, and at the end of the day, you have a piece of paper with your info on it that you can hand out to anyone who asks — after all, this is the most basic purpose of the business card!

Many sites and print companies offer templates that allow you to just type in your info and order. Some templates even have basic color and font customization options (sites like Minted and TinyPrints are good resources for this– see our resources guide below!).



If you have spent money on branding your site and developing a unique logo or mark, it makes sense to continue that branding through to your business card. Ask your graphic/web designer if they’d be willing to design business cards for you (often, if you ask early in the web design process, the cost can get folded in and could be slightly discounted). Even if you sync up with your designer after your blog design has launched, I’ve found most designers don’t charge too much to put together business card files — assume anywhere from $50-$200. From there, you can take the file they’ve given you and upload it to a business card printing site, and have it printed on your own. Or, take the file to a local printer, and they can print the cards for you too.

If you don’t want to spend extra money having a file created, ask your designer for a high resolution copy of your logo, and let them know you’ll be using it to print your own business cards. Many printing services (Moo is a great example) offer templates to their clients, so you can upload your artwork, get it appropriately placed, and make sure it looks fab, all without the help of a designer. Some of these templates can also be exported to programs like Illustrator or Photoshop, so you can add in other information or text, all on your own.



Letterpress — the Rolls Royce of paper printing design. If you’ve ever gotten your hands on a thick, luxurious business card with letterpress printing, you probably understand the appeal. This type of printing makes for cards that feel extra special — but they’ll cost you. If you’re creating a custom letterpress design, expect to shell out at least $100 on having your cards printed up (and that would likely be for a very small quantity). Increasingly, some letterpress shops offer pre-made templates, so if you want a clean and simple letterpress look, with no branding specific to you, it is possible to get it for a lower price. I think letterpress is one of those things that when done with the right fonts, colors and design, it can make a wonderful first impression. I’ve also heard of people who shelled out a bunch of cash on letterpress cards, and thought the final product wasn’t worth it. So think carefully about how your design would look in letterpress form before you take the plunge!



If you’ve ever been to a blogging convention, conference, or event, you’ll know that business cards literally come in all shapes and sizes, with a huge variety of information. Obvious things to include? Your name (duh!), your blog name (right-o!), and/or your website URL (of course!). From there, I think it’s open ended. Many people choose to include their social media handles, as well as an email address. You don’t have to include your phone number — I mean, do you want people calling you? — but you could. Perhaps you want to include the city you live in, just so it’s easier for people to remember where you’re based. An address? Probably not necessary.

But even within these items, there are a lot of different ways to present the info. Some people set up a single URL through a service like, and publish that URL on their business card. Arriving at their page gives the visitor all the necessary links to social media platforms, websites, and email addresses. On the other end of the spectrum, I’ve seen cards that list several URLs — perhaps to a blog, a website, and a shop. If the layout is done right, it can still look good, and gives the recipient all the info they need in one place.

Within blogland, there’s also a big opportunity to create really creative cards. I use thick, simple black and white cards that on one side say my name and “lifestyle blogger”; on the reverse side, there’s a space for me to write a note to the person about where we met, along with a basic URL to my blog. Jessie from Style & Pepper has business cards in shape of an old school pepper shaker. Laura from A Girl Who Makes gave out business cards at Alt one year that had pretty thread wrapped around them, to “tie up loose ends” as her card said (and the thread also reinforced the fact that she was a crafter). There are so many creative routes to go!



Finally, here are a bunch of resources for designing and printing business cards of all types.

The site offers pre-designed templates, many of which can be slightly customized in terms of color or shape. You can also order many of their designs with “Triple Thick” paper, giving the cards a more luxe feel.

Hundreds of pre-designed business cards which can be customized; plus, custom design services.

A huge collection of pre-designed business cards (aesthetics vary), plus a few that are even free. VistaPrint is popular for folks who already have their cards designed and just need a place to print their files for an affordable price.

A great resource for both chic, modern pre-designed cards and to print your own. I’ve personally had cards printed through Moo’s “Luxe” line, which prints the cards on extra thick card stock. You even have the option to order tipped edges in a few different colors!

Type in “business cards” and a bagillion options come up. Need I say more? Ditto for typing in “letterpress business cards”.

Cotton Paperie
A great resource for printing your letterpress designs. Their website has lots of info about the letterpress process, too, and they include a downloadable template so you can prep your artwork on your own.

Jukebox Printing
Another online letterpress printing shop!

Hoban Cards
This shop offers letterpress printing, as well as pre-made letterpress designs for $75.

A quick note about letterpress: these days, there are literally hundreds if not thousands of studios nationwide. If you’re interested in supporting a local business, try typing “Letterpress printing [your city]” into Google and see what shops are open near you!


Now let’s hear from you. Where did you print your business cards from? What are best practices when designing and printing cards? And what’s the coolest business card you’ve ever seen?

Images all from this awesome roundup of 44 letterpress business cards. Check it out for tons of design inspiration, and a few more printing shop referrals too!

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  1. I recently got my business cards made! I used Vistaprint & I think they’re great for basic business cards. It’s my first batch & I’m quite happy with the result. So far they’ve really helped me with finding and meeting potential advertisers, bloggers etc.

    Posted on 5.1.14 Reply
  2. Emma says...

    I just finished a friend and fellow blogger’s business cards last night, so it’s funny that you wrote this today! After doing some research we decided to go with Vistaprint because the quality is good and you can’t beat the price. I would love to use Moo next time around for my own cards! Thanks for these tips!

    Posted on 5.1.14 Reply
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    Posted on 5.1.14
  4. Erica says...

    I’ve used Moo twice for business cards. The luxe line is fantastic and the quality is really good. Mine aren’t too fancy but have the pertinent info and the thick paper can set them apart from others. I would highly recommend Moo,

    Posted on 5.1.14 Reply
  5. I was in a pinch before Go Blog Social and I needed something fast. I’m still working on branding and what not, so I turned to Zazzle. I picked out a fun template that I thought would spark conversation at the convention, added my info and for $17 I was ready for the two day event (with leftovers to spare). I’m excited to create a card I will want to use for an extended period of time.

    Posted on 5.1.14 Reply
  6. marta chan says...

    I ordered my vista print business cards 8 months after starting my blog. Vistaprint has free cards, just have to pay 8 dollars or so for postage and you’ll get 250 cards. It’s an awesome deal and you will receive quality cards.

    It’s importante to have them because many times people talk about your blog to other friends and if they have a biz card on them, they can give it to them or just check the blog/website again.

    Posted on 5.1.14 Reply
  7. I was trying to decide if I really needed business cards but I do believe it would be an awesome thing to hand out when I’m out and about starting up conversatin

    Posted on 5.1.14 Reply
  8. I actually hand-wrote and hand-stamped some business cards (pre-cut hot pink and sky blue cards from the Paper Source) a few years ago, because I needed them quickly and I didn’t love any of the pre-designed ones that I found online. I was kind of embarrassed, but they were cute. Now I’ve finally ordered legit business cards from Moo, and I love them. It’s still hard to find a pre-designed one that really works, and I don’t love my logo (I’m in the process of getting a new one), but their designs are awesome and I am really happy with them!

    Posted on 5.2.14 Reply
  9. Thank you so much for this walkthrough. Although I have been blogging for over two years, I am JUST dipping my toe into the world of “physical, IRL representation” of my digital presence. I did letterpress for my wedding, and BOY were they beautiful but $$.

    Posted on 5.3.14 Reply
  10. Emma says...

    Great Post I just found this on Pinterest, I don’t have any as new to blogging but might get some I think.

    Posted on 6.6.14 Reply
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    Yes, I completely agree with your blog on business cards. This is the nice way to present yourself on Cards. One more thing I would like to share that Instead of using plane paper printing we should use Eco Friendly Business Cards .

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  12. Great! So are you saying that business cards are useful for bloggers as well? I really don’t know! I mean, I know that everyone can use of business cards but how could it helps for bloggers?

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  15. Hey, thanks for including me! :) All great resources, and reminding me that I might switch things up since I need a refill soon! XO

    Posted on 8.26.14 Reply
  16. Petros says...

    Very nice business cards! Nice post!

    Posted on 10.8.14 Reply
  17. Jean says...

    Business card should represent you or your business, wether its simple or custom made. Its nice to read blogs like this who give out information about business card which most people need.

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  19. Jimmy John says...

    Thanks for the post! I love the letterhead press card. What a fun way to add unique typography and texture to your card!

    Posted on 11.24.14 Reply
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