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The B Bar turns two!

Happy birthday to The B Bar! We can’t believe it, but just over two years ago, we launched our first cocktails at the bar. Since then, we’ve had a blast sharing our advice and tips, as well as learning from all of you. The B Bar would truly be nothing without the bloggers who make up our community, and we love that you’re a part of it!

In celebration of our second birthday, we’re offering 15% off everything at The B Bar, from today through the end of the month! Stock up on our newest cocktail, Instagram 101, or purchase one of our classics, like Blogging 101 or The Ultimate Resources Guide. To take advantage of the birthday discount, just use the code HAPPYBDAY when you check out. It’ll be good through midnight on April 30! You can shop our full menu of cocktails right over here.

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How I Balance Social Media and Email

So here’s the deal, I try have balance. I don’t always do a great job, but I try.

I try to not let social media and email take over my life, and I simultaneously try to stay on top of the what is important.

Inevitably, sometimes things just don’t get done. Other things get in the way. Important things come up, and social media is usually the thing that gets left undone.

I try not to stress about social media or my inbox. Life is too important to worry about it. I do my best to stay on top of what I can, and not give myself any additional wrinkles over it.

That being said, I do spend a lot of time on both social media and email. Since I own my own business and social media and email are a huge part of my business being successful — communication is necessary.

One of the main ways I stay (somewhat) balanced is by consciously checking social media and email only at certain times. 


In the morning I decide what the main thing I need to do that day is and I don’t check my email until it’s done. Some days that means I won’t check my email until 11 am but that way I don’t start reacting to my email before I get done what I need to do that day.

It’s also a matter of training people to expect that you don’t respond to email immediately. Anyone who emails me on a regular basis knows I don’t respond immediately. I don’t leave my email open in my browser all day. I don’t want to be distracted by it, and I don’t want to stop what I’m working on to respond to an email and interrupt my work flow. This not-being-on-email-constantly may sound crazy, but if you have a hard time getting projects and tasks done, try closing out of your email, and only checking it a few times throughout the day when you’ve finished what you’re working on.

Do I open and respond to every email? No. Definitely not. I open probably 90 percent of emails that aren’t newsletters. The ones I don’t even open I can tell just by the subject line that I’m not interested and I delete. Emails from PR companies that are obviously mass emails that I’m not interested in — I delete. I assume that the PR person on the other side of that email doesn’t want everyone on the list to email them back and say they aren’t interested — so I just delete it if not interested. If it’s a PR email that has been personalized for me and I’m not interested I will sometimes delete and sometimes email them back and let them know I’m not interested.

I try to use Suzanne’s email trickjust touch it once. When you open the email try to respond with whatever you need to right then, so you don’t have to go back to it and deal with it later. This works really well with my method of having dedicated “email time” where you open your email to specifically deal with email, instead of going through email all day long.

One thing that has given me years back on my life is creating canned responses to use for emails. This way I’m not typing the same response over and over. I use it for my consulting clients, for PR emails, and for asking people to take me off email lists. My newsletter emails go into a specific folder, so I only open them and look at them if I have time. Read the full post »

How I Balance Using Social Media, Email and More (Victoria)

balance using social media and email

When we first announced this month’s topic of balance, many of you commented asking Meg and I to share how we balance checking in social media, email, and the like. We each decided we’d address this question, as well as the question of the blog hiatus (stay tuned for those posts!). Today, I’m up first, and thought I’d share a bit about how I find balance with my online world. To be honest, this delicate balance is something that has changed for me over the years, and continues to evolve. The first thing you should know is there is no right fit for everyone, and it’s all about finding what feels good for you.

Social Media

You will make yourself crazy if you worry about checking in on social too much, or trying to do every single platform well. I recently realized I had a major pain point with Instagram — yes, I love sharing on there, but worrying about likes and posting at the right time and all that jazz gave me major anxiety. So I’ve let it go a little bit. Now I might go several days between posts, and only want to share something I’m really excited about, or a photo I love, or something that feels authentic to my life. Ultimately, I don’t make a living off of Instagram like many other bloggers — I make it off of designing things for other people. So as long as the platform supports that business, I’m fine with not being a pro-Instagrammer, with hundreds of thousands of followers (or even worrying about quadrupling my following or whatever). It’s taken a lot of pressure off. So that’s huge, recognizing when something is impacting your life negatively, and actively trying to make it work for YOU, in a realistic way.  Read the full post »

April Post Linkup: Work/Life Balance

blog linkup april

After a little hiatus in March, our monthly blog linkup is back! We are thrilled that so many of you have enjoyed our linkups and want to participate — it’s awesome to be able to connect with so many new names and discover fantastic new blogs. This month, we’re theming our linkup with our word of the month: balance. 

The linkup will take place on April 22. If you would like to participate, you need to email us the permanent link to your linkup post answering this month’s question by EOD 4/20/15 and we’ll include you in the linkup. Send your link to, and check out the images below for examples of where to find your post permalink in both WordPress and Blogger. Make sure to schedule your post to go live the morning of 4/22/15 at 6am Eastern Time. We will email you to let you know we have received your link; if you submit a link and don’t hear from us, you can follow up again, or you can always tweet us!

On Tuesday, 4/21/15, you will get an email from us with some language about the post and including the links to all the other posts that you need to add to your post so it will link to everyone else’s posts. It is really important that you include the links to everyone else in your post — that’s the point of a linkup.

For the April LinkUp Post, the question is:

How do you achieve work/life balance?

You can choose to write an essay about this topic, or share your favorite apps/tools/resources that help you manage your time better, whatever you’d like! However you choose to approach this month’s topic, we’d love to hear about how you strike balance in your life.


Continue reading to see where to find your permalink. 
Read the full post »

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Image: Erin McGinn for Style Me Pretty Living, found here

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