*FREE* Weekly Blog Post Planner Worksheet

weekly blog post planner downloadable pdf

Because we’re all about helping you create the best blog you can here at The B Bar, we created a FREE BLOG POST PLANNER WORKSHEET as a downloadable PDF that you can print out each week to help you plan out your blog posts and execute them!

On the top half you can plan out your posts for the week — there is a spot where you can fill in the date (gray box under the day of the week), write out title ideas (white area), write out any hashtags or important info that you need to include in the post, and then you can check off the social media as you do it for each post.

On the bottom half of the sheet, there is room for you to write down ideas for future posts, any to-do items you have specifically for your blog, any notes about sponsored content you want to jot down, and anyone one you need to contact.

We hope this printable PDF will help you get organized each week so you can spend time creating amazing content!



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We’re Hosting Another Twitter Chat!

january twitter chat

It’s time for another B Bar Twitter chat, don’t you think? Mark your calendars now for our next chat, which will take place two weeks from today, on February 10. For our next chat, we’re talking all things Instagram. How are bloggers using the platform? What works for them? How are you growing your audience on Instagram? And what are best (and worst) practices? Stay tuned, as we’ll release questions for the chat on the Friday before. As always, if you have any specific questions you’d like us to try and address during the chat, please leave them in the comments below.

Mark your calendars now! Here are all the details:

WHEN: Tuesday, February 10! The chat will take place at 9:30pm Eastern time, and will last for half an hour. We’re hoping this slightly later time will also allow our west coast friends to join in.

WHERE: We’ll be sharing the chat’s questions here on The Well on Friday, February 6, which is the Friday before the meet-up. On the day of the chat, follow along with the hashtag #BBarHH (HH is for happy hour, of course!). We’ll also be sending out our favorite tweets and pieces of advice from the chat via our newsletter, so be sure to sign up to receive it — it’s a great way to get a simple digest of the best tweets, as well as check out links to a ton of fab publishers.

WHO: You, obviously. Stop in on the 10th, follow along with he #BBarHH hashtag, get inspired, and learn from your fellow bloggers. And of course, leave us a question below, tweet us, or talk to us on Facebook. We wanna know what questions you have!

We’re excited for this All-Things-Instagram Twitter chat, and can’t wait to talk to you guys again in February!


POST LINKUP // Something Invaluable

The B Bar's January Blog LinkUp

Woohoo! Our first linkup post. If you missed what a blog linkup is, read this post.

Today Meg and Victoria are answering the question:

What did you purchase in the past year
that became invaluable to you?

While we each answered the question on our personal blogs (read Meg’s answer here and Victoria’s here), we also decided to answer the question again on The Well, with a business specific focus! Don’t miss all of the bloggers who participated in the linkup — click on them below to see their post answering this question.

Meg’s Answer:

So my invaluable thing is actually a product I created within the past few months — the GSD Master List Notepad. This simple notepad seriously changed my life. They say you should create the products you want to use (which is why Victoria and I created The B Bar — if only we could have read all of these ebooks when we started blogging years ago!).

I’ve always been obsessed with organization and once I started working for myself and blogging I needed one place to house all of my to-do’s that I didn’t want to forget. I tried to do the online to-do list and it just wasn’t working for me, I needed somewhere to write everything down so I could get it out of my head. I also wanted something that I wouldn’t bring home with me on the weekends, so I created the GSD Master List Notepad so I could leave it on my desk at my studio.

It has definitely helped me keep organized. Having one big master to-do list instead of flipping through multiple papers and notebooks to try to find where I wrote down that one thing I was supposed to do has really helped me. When I complete an item I highlight it. Each week I rewrite what I didn’t get done onto a new week and throw the previous week’s list away so I can start fresh.

One product (that isn’t something I created) that has really been a life-changer is my DYMO Thermal Label Printer. I use it to ship everything from my shop, this printer was an investment, but it doesn’t require ink so I only have to order the sticky labels. It’s been such a time saver for shipping everything out of my shop.

See Meg’s other answer over on her blog.

Victoria’s Answer:

In business, undoubtedly the best money I’ve spent in the last year has been on professional services. When I first started out, I was hesitant to invest in the services of a CPA or a lawyer — I figured I could get by doing my own research, using online programs, and talking to others to learn what I needed to know. That definitely worked…for a while. But honestly, as my business has grown, it is so invaluable to purchase the help of others. I began working with a new CPA here in New York this year who was so knowledgeable about the specifics of New York city and state tax law, and it not only gave me incredible peace of mind, but also helped me find new ways to reduce my tax liability (always a plus!). I also found a great lawyer on UpCounsel, who’s been indispensable in helping me clean up a couple contracts and advise me on other general business matters, which helps me make better decisions as I move forward. Purchasing professional services is definitely the best money I spent in the last year!

That being said, I also spend money on online professional services — that is, those online programs I referred to above, which dovetail nicely with the services of my lawyer and CPA, making my business run seamlessly. Every year, I pay to use Freshbooks, EchoSign, VaultPress, and Dropbox, among other services. Each of these things helps me stay organized at work, send and receive files and docs seamlessly, and — for real — sleep better at night. And finally, speaking of sleeping better at night, last year I purchased a 1TB external hard drive, which backs up my entire computer via Time Machine every half hour. The peace of mind I get knowing alllllll of my files are on the external hard drive is priceless!

See Victoria’s other answer over on her blog.

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The Quality Is What Is Important

Martin Luther King Quote

“The quality, not the longevity, of one’s life is what is important.” — Martin Luther King

Thanks for giving us some great perspective MLK!

Hope you have a wonderful day off (if you are off that is!).


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GROW // How Did You Grow Your Blog?

how to grow your blog

What was the #1 way YOU grew your blog following?

When I first started blogging I said yes to everything. I went to every event, met with every brand who wanted to meet, networked with other bloggers and immersed myself in the community as much as possible. That brought up new opportunities and cross-promotions which helped me grow. It eventually lead to an editorial spot on the Glitter Guide staff which was a turning point for my blog following.
– Julia, Lemon Stripes

I grew my own blog following by focusing on my content. Yes, content is king. From summer of 2013 to March 2014, I focused my blog efforts towards figuring out how I wanted to present my outfit posts, style my recipes, etc. In summer 2014, I “re-launched” my blog by focusing on having at least 80% original content per week. My work was recognized and commended, blogs started mentioning me and current readers started pinning my images, which drove traffic and increased followers.
– Supal, Chevron & Eclairs

By staying authentic, being consistent and committing to quality over quantity.
– Hallie, Corals & Cognacs

The #1 way I grew my own following was via collaborating with other sites + bloggers. I would do guest posts for bloggers I respected + admired, and contributed to The Glitter Guide doing a few DIY projects for them in the early days. It was much easier back then. There were fewer blogs, and collaborations felt easy + organic!
– Grace, The Stripe

I hustled. A lot. I shared and interacted like crazy on social media, I commented on other blogs, and I continued to post content that I was proud of every single day (even when I was sure no one but my mom was reading my blog.)
– Lexi, Glitter, Inc.

Share & Engage!  Share other bloggers’ projects and posts that you love.  Engage with readers and other bloggers by being an actively commenting and responding to comments. Readers are more excited about giving you their time when you give yours to them!
– Erin, House of Earnest

A few years ago, getting featured on big blogs or websites had a huge boost in visits and following. I’m not sure that has such a huge impact anymore. These days, Pinterest is a big one for me… If a pin goes viral, it can really boost the traffic to that particular post for a few weeks or even a few months.
– Gabrielle, Savvy Home

When I started blogging about 2 years ago, I found commenting on other blogs and leaving my URL to be a great first step in building awareness for my site. I also made sure to consistently pin photos from each and every one of my posts and Pinterest has continued to be a main traffic driver for me.
— Amanda, Little Miss Fearless

What’s the #1 way you think new/growing bloggers can grow their sites currently?

Read the full post »