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How Technology Shapes the Future of Blogging and Social Media

How Tech Shapes Blogging & Social Media

How old were you when your family got their first computer? Back when my family got one (I was in kindergarten) they took floppy disks. I’m pretty sure it was only for word processing and games.

Who remembers Breakout and Lemmings?! Am I dating myself here…? Several years later we got a newer computer, with more games — Wheel of Fortune, The Oregon Trail — but I’m still not sure it had the Internet yet. Our third computer did, remember “you’ve got mail.” Yep, we had AOL, but even then, I only used the Internet in high school for researching encyclopedia websites, writing papers, and AIM chatting.

Around the time of our third family computer (because most families shared one), we also got a bag phone for my mom’s van. When I turned 16 and started to drive, I got my own cell phone, and by that time they weren’t in bags anymore. I’m sure you remember the Nokia phones EVERYONE had, and you could buy different colored and patterned faces at kiosks in the mall. I actually didn’t have a Nokia but my phone literally had no functionality other than calling someone. No texting, no Internet, literally just a phone.

My junior year in college I bought my own computer — a Dell laptop (bought it on a payment plan and man was it heavy) and had had a few different phones by then, but the most memorable was my first flip phone, then one with a camera, and with a colored screen. Wow were those photos horribly pixelated — and yes at the time we all had actual cameras we would carry around with us too.

When I was in college (ahem, I graduated ten years ago), very few people brought laptops into class. A few people in my journalism school did, but laptops were so heavy back then people didn’t really lug them around. We took notes BY HAND!

Where am I going with all of this? Let’s just say I don’t know that I ever thought about the future of technology too hard back then. I figured the basics would happen – computers and phones would get smaller, faster, do more. I think I knew things at some point would be by touch, and the Internet would soon be on your phone, but I never thought about the concept of iPods or tablets. I didn’t think about all the app possibilities and how your phone and computer would become so incredibly vital to daily life. Read the full post »


the future of blogging

Not long after we first launched The Well in 2013, I wrote a post about the future of blogging. Given this month’s theme, it seemed like a great time to revisit some of our predictions and also look at where blogging is headed right now. As always, I’d love to hear what you think, too — feel free to share your observations about the industry in the comments!

Prediction 1: Site designs would continue to move in an editorial direction

This has been partly true — it all depends on a blogger’s business goals. In the nearly year and a half since the original post was written, I’ve designed many, many blogs. I’d say there’s an even split between bloggers who absolutely want to move towards a “magazine style” layout, which allows them to showcase a diversity of content (and also can disguise an irregular or less frequent posting schedule). But a good number of bloggers really want to stick with a traditional layout, no frills included. I think this has to do with many in the blog community pining for the way blogs used to be, which I’ll talk about more below.

Prediction 2: Social media will exhaust people

While I think bloggers are still figuring out how to have balance with social media, using it to promote oneself is clearly not going away any time soon — in fact, the pressure around it feels like it’s intensified since I wrote the post. However, with that being said, I think bloggers are becoming more aware of when they feel social media burnout, and conversations around “real life” and staged “Instagram life” have increased tenfold over the last year. I also think that bloggers are becoming more strategic about where and how they use social media, recognizing that it’s extremely difficult to be “good” at every single platform. Hallelujah!

Prediction 3: Instagram is going to blow up

Welp, I’d say we hit the nail on the head with this one, wouldn’t you? I saw a blog friend recently who told me that in the last 4 months, she’s published two posts to her actual blog, and instead has basically moved shop over to Instagram — where she’s grown her following by the tens of thousands, and monetized like whoa. Not only has Instagram grown as a secondary (or primary!) publishing platform, but the entire approach to it has changed. When I wrote the original post, people were actually still using Instagram’s in-app filters with pretty limited editing (oh, the horror!). Today, Instagram feels like an entirely different place, for better or worse, and brand presence there has exploded — to the point where retailers are now monetizing their own feeds, too.

Now, a couple more predictions for the future of blogging.  Read the full post »

5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Internship

Make the Most of your Internship

This winter/spring I took on my first intern (Jacki). I had an intern a year or so ago for a few weeks for a specific project, but this was my first long-term intern (a semester). Because Jacki was doing the internship for college credit, it definitely added a layer of pressure on me to make sure I had enough for her to do that was teaching her something. I also wanted to make sure she was getting a well-rounded experience.

I asked Jacki if she would write a post about her experience as my intern and I thought it turned out great and could be helpful for not only people who want to do an internship, but employers who have interns as well. She came up with the concept of writing a post about how to make the most of an internship.

I’ll let her take it from here:


I am really grateful to have been given the opportunity to intern for Meg this semester at her studio in Georgetown. I loved coming in two days each week to find out what Meg had in store for me. Big or small, everything was a learning experience.

One of my biggest takeaways from the internship was learning about how crucial pitch decks are to business — whether it’s one you create for a client or one that a client sends to explain a project — it’s something I didn’t realize was so important. I also enjoyed being a part of all the photo shoots and getting hands-on experience with photo styling.

Regardless of the industry I have put together five tips to help you make the most of your internship.

1. Take It Seriously

Treat your internship like a full-time job. Even though an internship can be fun, it’s also serious. Right from the beginning you want to be taken seriously by your boss, so you need to take the internship seriously. You may think that since you’re the intern you don’t have to produce high-quality work, but whether you’re getting paid or not you need to do each task to the best of your ability — it not only reflects on you but the company as well.

2. What You Give Is What You Get

Your internship isn’t for the company, or for your professor — it’s for you. Whether it’s a tedious task or big project, tackle it with a positive attitude and do it to the best of your ability. I made sure I arrived to the studio every day with a positive attitude. If I were to put minimal effort in, I’d get minimal reward. Make the most of your time and take advantage of every opportunity. Read the full post »

MAY POST LINKUP // Your Future

bbar blog linkup may

It’s time for another B Bar linkup! This month’s linkup will take place on Wednesday, May 20th. **NEW THIS MONTH: If you would like to participate, submit the permanent link to your post via this form by end of day Monday, 5/18/15 to be included. Check out the images below for examples of where to find your post permalink in both WordPress and Blogger.

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For the May LinkUp Post, the questions are:


What are you doing (now) to prepare for your future?

What do you think you should start doing
to create a better future for yourself?


You can answer these questions in numerous ways — it could be about your life, your blog, your business — all three if you want! It’s completely up to you.

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